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„We provide independent audit services and thus increase the reliability of information that companies prepare for the needs of investors, creditors and other stakeholders. We conduct audits of statutory financial statements, financial statements prepared in line with international and other accounting standards as well as auditor reports for special purposes. Among our audit clients are more than 20 percent of companies from the Czech TOP 100 list, including the majority of the biggest Czech and Slovak private financial groups.“

Petr Škoda

Petr Škoda, Partner in charge of Audit

Tax services

„Taxes are an integral part of every company's business, from large companies to SMEs and minor entrepreneurs. Thanks to our extensive knowledge of accounting, tax legislation and current developments, as well as cooperation with other member firms of the global KPMG network of advisory companies, we can offer solutions that can help mitigate transactional tax risks and lead to tax savings. We provide services in the field of international and local corporate taxation, taxation of financial institutions, investment incentives, tax advisory during mergers and acquisitions, indirect taxes and customs duties, personal taxation, transfer pricing and help in solving tax-related disputes.“

Radek Halíček

Radek Halíček, Partner in charge of Tax and Legal Services

Legal services

„KPMG Legal provides top quality, flexible and efficient services tailored to each client's business environment. We offer a practical approach to legal and business requirements that arise in response to complex accounting, tax and regulatory circumstances. We render services in the area of corporate law, transactions, labour law and regulatory matters and represent clients in judicial and arbitrary proceedings.“

Radek Halíček

Radek Halíček, Partner in charge of Tax and Legal Services

Advisory services: Management Consulting

„We help our clients address complex issues and together with them look for new opportunities. We offer tailor-made specialised services, detailed expert opinions and measurable outputs. We aim to enhance our clients’ sales and marketing efficiency and process optimisation; project management; drawing from funds and feasibility studies; financial management; business intelligence and data management; IT efficiency and security management and optimisation.“

Petr Bučík

Petr Bučík, Partner in charge of Management Consulting

Advisory services: Deal Advisory

„We cooperate with clients in the field of corporate finances, mergers and acquisitions, sales, valuation, objectiveness and estimate assessment, financing, transactional services, restructuring and forensic investigation. We focus on permanently increasing value throughout the economic cycle. We assist our clients not only when they begin pondering the acquisition of a company but also when their companies are in trouble and they need to improve performance.“

Alex Verbeek

Alex Verbeek, Partner in charge of Deal Advisory

Advisory services: Risk Consulting

„The rapidly changing economic environment brings a shift in our perception of financial risks. Companies throughout all business areas are focusing on enhancing their risk management methods. They aim to obtain better quality information for their decision-making, to boost their performance and to act in compliance with ever-changing regulatory requirements. We offer risk management consultancy, both regarding financial and IT risks. Our team also provides various internal audit services and extensive accounting advisory.“

Romana Benešová

Romana Benešová, Partner in charge of Risk Consulting

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