KPMG in the Czech Republic in 2014


years on the market

KPMG in the Czech Republic began its operations in 1990, opening its first office in Prague.

sectors of services

It offers audit, tax, advisory and legal services.


The firm employed 760 employees in offices in Prague, Brno, České Budějovice and Ostrava.


Among its 625 professional staff are 28 partners, 28 statutory auditors, 106 certified accountants, 67 tax advisors and 9 attorneys-at-law.

foreign specialists

KPMG Czech Republic employs a total of 22 qualified foreign specialists.
Our vision

Be number one on the market in terms of size.

Be a favourite employer.

Help local communities.

Operate efficiently.

In the Czech Republic, KPMG provides services to its clients through four companies:

  • KPMG Česká republika, s.r.o. ("KPMG ČR", founded in 1990)
  • KPMG Česká republika Audit, s.r.o. ("KPMG Audit", founded in 1993)
  • KPMG Advisory, s.r.o. ("KPMG Advisory", founded in 2006)
  • KPMG Legal s.r.o., attorneys-at-law ("KPMG Legal", founded in 2010).

Since 2010, KPMG Czech Republic has had the following ownership structure:

struktura společností KPMG

Our branches


KPMG in Prague

Pobřežní 1a
186 00 Praha 8 
Tel.: + 420 222 123 111, + 420 234 112 111
Fax: + 420 222 123 100, + 420 234 112 100

České Budějovice

KPMG in České Budějovice

Fráni Šrámka 2609
370 04 České Budějovice
Tel.: + 420 385 347 175
Fax: + 420 385 349 995


KPMG in Brně

Veveří 3163/111
616 00 Brno
Tel.: + 420 541 421 311
Fax: + 420 541 421 310


KPMG in Ostrava

28. října 3117/61
702 00 Ostrava - Moravská Ostrava
Tel.: + 420 596 158 200
Fax: + 420 596 158 201

Financial indicators

Jan Žůrek

Jan Žůrek

Managing Partner, KPMG Czech Republic

„We are the largest audit and tax firm on the market and figure among the highest ranking companies engaged in advisory services. As apparent from the chart below, our turnover has been growing year-on-year, and we are doing well.“

The volume of sales by management accounting (mil CZK)

The volume of sales, along with internal policies leading to cost optimisation and efficient processes, is what safeguards the group’s leading position on the audit services market in the Czech Republic and its high ranking position in the tax and advisory services area.

  • Financial statements for the fiscal year 2014

    The financial year of the KPMG firms in the Czech Republic starts on 1 October and ends on 30 September. KPMG ČR, KPMG Audit and KPMG Advisory form a consolidation unit (the "KPMG Group") and feature the following financial data.

    Data in mil CZK 30/09/14
    Fixed assets 95
    Inventory 26
    Long-term receivables 5
    Short-term receivables including accruals/deferrals 236
    Cash and cash equivalents 330
    Total assets 692
    Equity 115
    Minority equity 94
    Provisions 21
    Lon-term liabilities 0
    Short-term liabilities including accruals/deferrals 462
    Total liabilities 692
    Sales 1 648
    Operating profit/loss 120
    Profit/loss on ordinary activities 108

The Global network of KPMG International

John Veihmeyer

John Veihmeyer

Chairman, KPMG International

„I am convinced that our corporate culture is what really sets us apart from our competitors.“

  • KPMG International is a global network of independent companies operating in 155 countries throughout the world. It is staffed by more than 155 000 professionals with multidisciplinary skills and offers audit, tax and advisory services.
  • The independent member firms of the KPMG network are affiliated with the KPMG International Cooperative ("KPMG International"), a Swiss entity. Each member firm of the global KPMG network is referred to and identified as a legally independent and separate entity.
  • KPMG International’s headquarters are located in Amsterdam. From the Netherlands, it coordinates activities which support the individual member firms. It ensures that internal rules and standards are the same in all member firms and serve the common brand, thus attempting to contribute to the sustainability of the group as a whole.
  • Member firms are independent legal entities having their own legal capacity in quality assurance and management. They can use the KPMG brand name, logo and methods provided they agree to abide by KPMG’s global values.
  • At the same time, all member firms are required to comply with corporate policies and rules comprising quality standards.
  • This structure built upon member firms strengthens KPMG International's global strategy, ensures that its values are adhered to and that the standard of services throughout all global markets remains the same.
  • At the same time, this approach allows for the continuous sharing of knowledge and expertise among professionals throughout the global network.
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