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Ivana Ježková

Ivana Ježková

CSR Supervisor, Corporate Social Responsibility

„Within the community in which we operate we focus on two main goals: we help non-profit organisations increase the efficiency of their administrative and infrastructural activities and we support the financial literacy of groups threatened by social exclusion. Professional support gives our employees an opportunity to develop both their technical and soft skills and abilities.“

We help non-profit organisations function more effectively

A YEAR together – A STEP forward

This is our expert help flagship programme.

  • In the first phase of the project, our employees offer representatives of non-profit organisations professional training focusing on audit, accounting, taxes, and internal processes under the heading of the KPMG Business Institute.
  • Every year, over 100 non-profit representatives complete one or more of the nine different training programmes.
  • In 2013, we trained a total of 119 non-profit sector representatives in six professional training programmes. Our employees devoted 99 hours of their time to the preparation and leading of educational courses for the non-profit sector.
  • In 2014, we trained a total of 137 non-profit sector representatives in ten professional training programmes and our training programmes were newly also held in Moravia. Our employees devoted 199 hours of their time to the preparation and leading of educational courses for the non-profit sector. [ More ]

As an assistant 16 years ago, I was assigned to an audit engagement in one of the major Czech foundations. Over time, I have become a specialist in the audit and accounting of non-profit organisations and I often share my knowledge with my colleagues at KPMG. When I got the opportunity to train representatives of the non-profit sector as well, I did not want to miss it. I like helping other people in general and as for the development of the non-profit sector I am even happier to lend a hand as we are helping those who serve a good cause and who will appreciate our technical advice.

Alena Ozaniaková Alena Ozaniaková, Senior Manager, Audit a regular instructor, leading courses focusing on audits and annual reports for non-profit organisations
I very much appreciated the comprehensive and well-structured presentation of the instructors. It really helped me to extend my knowledge of the topic and included several practical examples.
A participant in the Audit and Preparation of Annual Reports for Non-Profit Organisations training course
I could really see that the instructors knew the topic from their every-day work and that they had not just learnt it from a textbook. I also appreciated the practical examples.
A participant in the Tax Relief and Tax Duties for Non-Profit Organisations training course

ROK společně – KROK dopředu

  • In the second phase of the project, our employees vote on the non-profit organisation with which we will enter into a year-long partnership, providing them with additional training, professional advice, volunteering, as well as financial support.
  • In 2014, our employees selected Centrum pro dětský sluch Tamtam (Children’s hearing centre Tamtam) from the group of finalists of the A YEAR together – A STEP forward programme. Centrum pro dětský sluch Tamtam provides help and support on a partnership level to families of children with serious hearing impairments.

So far, we have provided the following services to the Children’s hearing centre Tamtam:

  • advice concerning internal processes and risk management,
  • advisory services regarding human resource management,
  • the opportunity to sell its products at the Prague office’s Christmas fair,
  • more than CZK 300 000 donated as part of a firm-wide Christmas donation campaign,
  • CZK 500 000 donated for hearing aids for 21 children as part of our Give a Smile Christmas client campaign.

We are very pleased to have won the tender for the year-long strategic partnership with KPMG. Our organisation was established 25 years ago. I myself have been working in the organisation already for 20 years. In the past, we went through various types of cooperation but the partnership with KPMG is really special. For the first time, I feel that we are being accepted as partners. Right from the start, we were invited to participate in events and projects. The Give a Smile Christmas campaign was really very unique as regards its effect on the specific families with children with hearing impairments. We really appreciated that we were involved in the project from the very beginning and were invited to develop it together with KPMG. In the end we were able to help 21 families and we are still receiving messages from the parents telling us how the specific aid is helping their child in their further development. Specific trainings and individual advice relating to specific topics in terms of strategic management, HR consulting, accounting and other fields help us with the further development of our organisation. We also appreciate all the other charity projects, such as golf tournaments and charity days. Of course, we are trying to be a good and interesting partner for the KPMG employees

Jana Fenclová Jana Fenclová Director, Centrum pro dětský sluch Tamtam, o. p. s..

Pro bono services

  • We provide pro bono services to several non-profit organisations so that they may achieve a higher level of professionalism and effectiveness.
  • In 2013, we provided a total of 2 026 hours of pro bono work to non-profit organisations.
  • In 2014, this increased to a total of 2 369 hours of pro bono work for non-profit organisations.

Non-profit organisation of the year

  • One of the main goals of our CSR activities is to improve the effectiveness of the work of non-profit organisations.
  • We support this goal also through our partnership in the Non-Profit Organisation of the Year Awards which honour effectively managed non-profit organisations.
  • Our employees participate in the panel of professional jurors.

KPMG Start-up Marina

  • We realise how important innovative ideas are and how difficult it is to start up and to successfully develop a new enterprise.
  • We therefore help to develop businesses in the Czech Republic in their initial phase. Within our Start-up Marina project, we support selected start-up enterprises including at least one social business with our professional know-how and help them get their endeavours up and running.

We support the development of financial literacy

Our business activities include the provision of financial advice to small and large enterprises.

We therefore decided to provide such help also to groups of citizens threatened by social exclusion.

With our support, the Elpida Senior Centre conducts courses which help senior citizens with their orientation among new financial products and teach them to budget effectively and to detect and avoid unsavoury business practices.

To specify what caught my interest most, I should mention the various ways of investing funds and opportunities how to appreciate them, including simple calculations of appreciation/interest as a criterion for choosing a product, warning against some practices of financial institutions – e.g. in respect of older construction savings contracts, etc. As a matter of coincidence, during the course I was contacted by my construction savings company requesting to change my original contract. Thanks to the seminar, I have gotten my bearings in this field.

A participant in the course

What’s new in 2014

Mentoring programme for non-profit organisations

  • We linked our employee development programme with the provision of professional help to the non-profit sector, resulting in a mentoring programme supported by the Czech Donors Forum.
  • Through mentoring, volunteers from our talent programme help non-profit sector representatives solve particular issues in their area of expertise.
  • The non-profit organisation is provided with professional assistance free-of-charge.
  • Our employees enhance their knowledge and skills that they need for their further career growth.

Apart from the technical skills, the HR consultations, provided in the form of personal supervisions, were very helpful. It is nice to be able share one's experiences and problems with someone who is seasoned in this area and works in the same field but for a different organisation, and is thus able to provide an impartial view of matters

Magdalena Čáslavská Magdalena Čáslavská Director, Association for the Aid of Persons with Autism (APLA)

The major challenge was to understand what the particular NGO needs and what will really help. We often encounter similar challenges with clients so for us, this is actually a kind of training and every experience is appreciated.“

Petr Jung Petr Jung Senior Consultant,Management Consulting

Responsible Christmas gifts

Prior to Christmas 2014 we said that this year we would not send clients traditional Christmas gifts as we had in the past years. Instead we wanted to come up with something better and more meaningful. We developed an application which let clients decorate virtual Christmas cookies and write personal messages to children with impaired hearing.

Roman Maco Roman Maco Director, Marketing & Communications
  • For each decorated cookie, we sent a certain sum to the Children's Hearing Centre Tamtam, our partner in the A Year Together – A Step Forward project this year. In the end, we were able to purchase special hearing aids for 21 children from socially disadvantaged families. Overall, the mouse clicks of our clients were worth CZK 0.5 million.
  • We also donated another CZK 300,000 from our Christmas fund-raising project to the Centre (employees donated half with KPMG doubling the amount).

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